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Gelson's Market
3305 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-5810

Reviews by the General Public

Service at Gelson's, 3/31/2018
Reviewer: Bobbi from Santa Barbara
The quality of Gelson's produce and meat/poultry are very good, though over priced. The deli is excellent. The salad bar is one of my favorites. The real reason I will continue to give my patronage to this store is their service. They always have sufficient cashiers to service the number of people who frequent this store. It is quick and courteous. Whenever I need help finding an item they are quick to guide me to where ever the item is located. I would love their prices to be more reasonable, but I believe the service overcomes this problem.

A pleasure to shop
Reviewer: carolyn from Santa Barbara, CA
I agree with the previous poster. Their deli food is fresh and delicious; the salad bar better than I can do at home. And, they have specialty items that can't be gotten elsewhere. The aisles are wide and the place is well-lit. It is a little more expensive, but when items are on sale, they are a good value. More than other places, the staff make you feel welcomed.

Dell service excellent
Reviewer: Leonard from Santa Barbara, CA
Just wanted to comment on the deli service like the previous reviewer. I seldom buy from any deli in any of the supermarkets but tried Gelsons for first time. Tuna salad and kale salad very tasty. But the service was excellent...offered tastes of anything you wanted and person was very friendly.

Friendliest and best service...hands down.
Reviewer: Marianne from Santa Barbara, CA
Gelsons has the BEST service deli in SB...much better than it was last year. I never have to wait when it gets busy, sometimes the manager will come out and wait on customers. THAT's impressive. The food is displayed beautifully, it tastes delicious, the staff is very helpful and quite often offers samples. The checkout clerks are very friendly, the seafood is always fresh and the clerk there is very knowledgeable about what he is selling.

Fresh Deli
Reviewer: Brea from Santa Barbara, CA
I was a constant shopper at the deli and store until the mangement of the deli changed a few months ago. Now when you buy anything it no longer has a sell by date (which I believe is required by law)also you don't seem to advertise as much for any of the Jewish Holidays and you never see the new manager it's almost like they don't exist. It was much better before the current changes!!! Who ever was responsible for these changes should be not be in their current position.

Profit maximization
Reviewer: jerry from van nuys, ca
14.99 for a pound of boars head roast beef is at least 20% too high; you have to get real with the prices!!!Even at $12 a pound there is plenty of profit.I stated two/thirds of a pound and was given 80% of a pound; a game a lot of Delis play.Why are they often significantly off on the quantity(to there advantage) but never the price??

Arguably the best supermarket deli in town
Reviewer: John D. from Santa Barbara, CA
While I can't afford to do a lot of grocery shopping at Gelson's, I do often visit their deli. Great food, interesting selection, attentive service. GREAT pate! The difference between the Gelson's deli and the one at Lazy Acres is that there's no "attitude" at Gelson's and the deli personnel are nice.

Needs Management Attention
Reviewer: Garth from Santa Barbara, CA
Gelsons Deli food is good, but the service is atrocious when they are even the slightest bit busy. If the staff spent half as much time taking care of customers as they do fussing on the food this would be a much better place.

Poor service for handicapped
Reviewer: Joseph from Santa Barbara, CA
I get deli dinner here several times a week. The food is quite good, better than Lazy Acres. The service in the deli is usually slow and unfriendly. The checkout clerks are the rudest in town. I am handicapped and they usually only have one handicap checkout stand open. Often I have to wait behind people with huge orders. The checkers make it clear that handicapped people are not welcome in Gelson's. As a business professor emeritus I feel this is one of the worst managed businesses in Santa Barbara

John Dickson's has a good handle on this poorly run location
Reviewer: Donald DeLuccio from Santa Barbara, CA
Jeannie's bakery in the store has excellent coffee, desserts and outstanding customer service. The store managers are friendly. Unfortunately that is where superior service stops and they should not be promoting superior service in their messaging especially for this location. The stockers who also are checkers when it gets real busy are helpful on the floor and at the checkout stands. However, the main checkers can be rude -- one left me to pack my own grocies and another refused to give me quarters instead of dimes in change. The deli personnal never at the least acknowledges you while waiting on another customer. Deli personnel instead laugh in my face cause they think that I ask too many questions. I try to give constructly feedback to the store managers but to little avail. This store needs serious attitude adjustment and customer sevirce training. Why do I go back, pay such high prices and suffer such abuse? Why such an addiction to Gelson's? Perhaps I should be trying that newly remodeled Vons in Goleta.

upscale place for the hard to find items
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The people were not as friendly as I would have expected for a high price place. The assortment of foods there were not that great either for me, I guess I was looking more for a variety of the basics and this place is for the hard to find items. The Deli did not knock my socks off either. I have had good food from them in the past(over five years ago) but the sandwich I got was nothing special, maybe I have gotten spoiled from New Frontiers Grocery/Deli in the SY Valley. I have yet to compare with Lazy Acres also. They do have Wolfgang Puck food but the salads I saw from him just looked average though they have a pizza oven on site. Gelson's did have a nice salad bar but I don't think they had any guards over the food. So I probably won't be back and will leave it to the rest of you Gelsonites. The Jeanine's inside is nice w/ Peet's coffee on tap and available quick with nice people. I like the remodeled Goleta Vons stores better over this place.

Great assortment of pet food!
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
Not really to do with food (of the human variety,) but I went in for the deli and discovered several lines of pet food that I usually have to buy at specialty shops. This is so much more convenient, and the prices at Gelson's are much better! The service was fantastic!

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