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IV Drip
905 Embarcadero Del Norte, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-4550

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Cindy Gonzlez from Santa Barbara, CA
Great local spot and great cookiewiches. Friendly service and selection of food!

Good food, nice person
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Good Hot Cocoa, Donut and Bagel Sandwich. Had a college girl working when I went who was nice. I could see how they might get backed up with just one person though.

Coffee and Ice cream
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
I went into IV drip for the first time yesterday and had some ice cream and ordered some coffee. The price outside said "happy hour $1 coffee" I went in to order and there was only 1 employee there, he was about 50 years old. i ordered and waited about 5 minutes for him to get my order. the ice cream was a dollar and the coffee was about 3 and they charged me .50 for using credit. The man wasn't very friendly maybe in a bad mood from having no customers. There was no free wifi available like it said in the store window apparently it was broken. The tables were dirty and I will not go there again.

For those sugar cravings....
Reviewer: Julia from Santa Barbara California
I love it how you can get three day-old donuts for only a dollar! I think they still taste absolutely delicious, and you get to have THREE! yay. I sometimes get uncontrollable cravings for donuts, and Iv Drip hits the spot! Their cookies are yummy too. And everytime I've gone in, they have been very friendly and helpful.

Reviewer: Rachel from Santa Barbara
IV Drip kept me alive during winter quarter last year. I HIGHLY recommend the "Sex on the Beach" smoothie, it is amazing. That and a doughnut and I'm all set! Definitely has great atmosphere, so what if they charge a little more? If you don't like it, we don't want you there anyway!

Where are the T Shirst?
Reviewer: Jean from Isla Vista
You guys should have some T shirts made up. You have such a great name. I've heard a number of people talk about how they'd love to purchase one.

Reviewer: James E from Santa Barbara
Their espresso machine is one of those horrible fully automatic Starbucks-y ones and tastes horrible. Also the person below who hates using cash and thinks Starbucks doesn't charge for use of cards is wrong, at least about the one in IV.

if ever on death row order a cookiewich
Reviewer: brad hill from santa barbara, ca
if your familiar with diddy reese down in westwood then you will easily recognize a cookiewich. otis spunkmeyer is a quality cookie some of the best PB cookies i've had and i consider myself a connoisseur, and paired with dryers ice cream your in for some of the best flavor $1.95 can buy. the employees were friendly and the owner even shot the shat. just try and pace yourself or you won't be able to fit in the door to get another COOKIEWICH!.

Reviewer: Danielle from Goleta
The Drip is THE place to go for FroYo in IV. They only have two flavors at a time, but the fresh fruit toppings make it worth your while. Fresh bananas, strawberries, pineapple, etc. They also have freshly made Otis Spunkmeyer cookies! Down side: the under-$5-credit-card tax. They don't take UCSB discount cards...

service charge!?
Reviewer: Christo from Isla Vista, CA
I really enjoy this place, I like their selection of coffee and croissants (yummy with turkey and cheese). My complaint is the $0.42 service charge for using a credit card. Considering my average order is $5, thats nearly a 10% added tax! And this is the main reason I go somewhere else for breakfast, I never carry cash (who does anymore?) and I just don't feel right about paying extra for using a credit card (especially when most places don't charge extra either *starbucks*).

Reviewer: Anna from Isla Vista, Ca
Oh man, this is one the best places for ice cream in IV. It's cheap and yummy. The cookiewiches are the best because the cookies are freshly baked and you can choose any flavor of DREYER'S ice cream. Apparently the price wsa only $1.00 during the summer, but currently it is $1.75 and still inexpensive.

Not just their coffee...
Reviewer: C.S. from Goleta, CA
Only place in IV where they have ice cream sandwiches custom-made, right in front of you... for only $1.75!!!! You get to select two cookies and a whole scoop of ice cream flavor out of the wide selections they have. Where else can you get this kinda deal???

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