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Presidio Market
1236 Santa Barbara St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-8770

Reviews by the General Public

Secret treat corner
Reviewer: Jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
Go way in the back to the far right corner and there is a little take-out window with some salsa trays out front. And try the chicken schwarma "sandwich" actually in a soft whole wheat wrap - just the right, light touch of middle eastern flavor, loaded with pickles and greens, fresh and delicious. Just the right light touch, when you want something fast, very tasty and to go. Glad I took other posters advice here and finally tried this place out. I will be back and see what else they do so well.

Well Worth Visiting
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
With all the places for Mexican food in SB, I haven't been to the Presidio Market in years. But I happened to be downtown and there it was just a block away. Wow, glad I returned. The #4, chicken enchiladas: three ample enchiladas with tasty and tender shredded chicken, lettuce/tomato, beans, and aromatic rice. Very, very good. There's no place in town that can touch the quality of that plate for the $6.99 price. Well worth it. Very cordial service. Recommended. 5/21/2014

Food Ok
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Nice market option for those next to the courthouse/county building for something quick you can walk to, other than that nothing blew me away. The burrito was not there compared to other places in town(try Super Cuca's samuel!). The owners are middle eastern and have two middle eastern dishes, the falafel was Ok but not worth going out your way for. Bonus for me for a soft drink fountain but not a place I will return to. People nice but took awhile and miscommunication.

Everything is unbelievably delicious
Reviewer: samuel from Santa Barbara, CA
Presidio market's deli is one of the best places in santa barbara for a quick, fresh, cheap, and delicious meal. Their menu is not for a small deli, it is for a full resturant. They have the hands down best burgers in town, i was a fan of in n out and habbit, but when i tried their burger, i fell in love. They also have middle eastern food, which the guy there was nice enough to let me taste a little one time, and i cant wait to go back and try the full plate. TRUST ME AND JUST GIVE IT ONE CHANCE AND YOU WONT REGRET IT.

Possibly the best deal in town
Reviewer: Brendan from Santa Barbara, CA
I'd been to this market before, but never had been to the deli because it used to only be open around lunchtime. In the past couple months they've started staying open late, though, so I started going, and was instantly hooked. So far I've only tried a few of the Mexican items, and man! They're tasty! The chili verde burrito is an instant classic. Tonight I got tacos al pastor, also delish. I'm eager to try their middle eastern offerings (shawarma, falafel, and even kibbe), which aren't available at many other places in town. The value for the money here is almost freakish. Everything on the menu is $5.99. Most of the items I've gotten have had large enough portions that I can make two meals out of them. The burritos, for instance, are quite substantial. So that basically means you're getting a meal for about $3. Where else in town can beat that? Plus now they have a little card that you can get stamped when you buy something. After you buy 5, the next one is free. Service is very friendly and quick. You can see the guy putting your food together from the ingredients right when you order it. This means it's freshly made and also easy to customize your order if you want extra this or none of that. I foresee myself going here a lot.

Carnitas Burrito
Reviewer: Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
Had not been in here in a while. Wow that burrito was fantastic! I will be back to try something else soon. I'm not a big burrito fan. I will certainly never eat one from Cantwell's again. These are the real deal. Friendly service.

Where Else Can You..
Reviewer: Huyen from Santa Barbara, CA
Get a toasted french roll with tuna salad and all the fixin's for $5.45? New owners have given this market a fresh new look, and a wider range of products as well. Service is fast & friendly..tons of burrito and sandwhich options. Great salsa selction to pair with your lunch! A neighborhood favorite.

Love this Place!
Reviewer: Crystal from Santa Barbara , Ca
The chicken is great! The carnitas tacos plate, fantastic. The owner suggested I try the taquitos next time... Everything is made right when you order it. The prices are great. Best kept secret in SB. The owners are always there and friendly. I've been going there off and on for almost 10 years. It's always good.

Shh, this place is a secret...
Reviewer: Santa Barbara Sand from santa barbara, ca
...but the food is amazing. They make the best spicy chicken burritos and sandwiches. The sandwiches are a little low on the chicken but they more than make up for it with flavor. Add avo to them and wow, gourmet for less than $10. This is a friendly and wonderful place to grab your lunch from, near the park for a picnic too!

I have never liked Mexican food, until I had their burritios
Reviewer: Laura from Santa Barbara
I am lucky, I live right around the corner from this little corner market. I have never really liked Mexican food, until my fiance brought me home their carne asada burrito. Now, I crave it all the time, I get them ALL the time. It was so amazing, and everything they use - you know how fresh everything is when you're eating. I never eat in their because I live 5 seconds away, but their little eating area is quite nice in a little separate room with huge windows. The service was good, the people are very friendly and will even make special requests if they can meet the needs!

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