When you have school-age children you have to cram your vacations into a time period of about two and a half months so I have been taking full advantage of that. Here are some food news stories that hit my inbox while I have been gone:

  • Antojitos La Paloma has opened at 6543 Pardall Road in Isla Vista, formerly the Study Hall.
  • Bibi Ji reopened in a new location at 1213 State Street, formerly McDonald’s.
  • Lilac Patisserie opened a second location at 1209 Coast Village Road.
  • Little Bird Kitchen opened at 38 West Victoria Street (Santa Barbara Public Market).
  • Mesa Verde closed at 1919 Cliff Drive after opening in July 2014.
  • Recipes Bakery closed at 604 Santa Barbara Street after opening in January 2012.
  • Santa Barbara Courthouse Distillery and Events opened at 1114 State Street, formerly Pizza Mizza. The Pizza Mizza menu is still available.
  • Seven Bar & Kitchen opened at 235 West Montecito Street, formerly The Neighborhood Bar, after closing at 224 Helena Avenue in August 2022.
  • Stella Mare’s is closing at the end of the year.
  • Wexler’s Deli opened at 38 West Victoria Street (Santa Barbara Public Market).
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  1. thomas says:

    Hey John, the breakwater restaurant has been purchased by the guy that owns The Shop Kitchen and wing stop.

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