Her is a list of some of the area eateries that have opened in the last 12 months. If I missed any, please let me know.

  • July 2024: Seven Bar & Kitchen (reopened in new location), 235 W. Montecito St.
  • June 2024: Antojitos La Paloma, 6543 Pardall Rd., Isla Vista; Bibi Ji (reopened in new location), 1213 State St.; Little Bird Kitchen, Santa Barbara Public Market; Munchiez (reopened in new shared location), 3007 De la Vina St.; Santa Barbara Courthouse Distillery and Events, 1114 State St.; Jonesy’s Fried Chicken, 282 Orange Ave., Goleta; Wexler’s Deli, Santa Barbara Public Market
  • May 2024: Little Alex’s, 3987 State St.
  • April 2024: Dart Coffee, 113 Harbor Way; Ethnic Breads, 137 Aero Camino, Goleta; Nick the Greek, 508 State St.; Oat Bakery, 1014 Coast Village Rd., Montecito; Petra Café, 14 East Cota St.; Shalhoob’s, 5112 Hollister Ave, Goleta
  • March 2024: Indian Tandoori Kingdom, 1026 State St.; Lighthouse Coffee, 5696 Calle Real, Goleta; Starbucks, 120 State St.
  • February 2024: Best BBQ, 716 State St.; Cookie Plug, 918 State St.; Lilac Patisserie, 1209 Coast Village Rd., Montecito. Silvers Omakase, 224 Helena Ave.; Yummy Thai, 5918 Hollister Ave, Goleta
  • January 2024: Bruxie, 12 W De la Guerra St.; Oakberry, 6580 Pardall Rd., Isla Vista;
  • December 2023: Cafe La Fonda, 129 East Anapamu St.; Mister Softee, 935 State St.; Santa Barbara Sunshine Café, 5711 Calle Real, Goleta
  • November 2023: Azul Cocina, 7 East Anapamu St.; Dang Burger, 5080 Carpinteria Ave., Carpinteria; Juniper on Fourth, 478 4th Place, Solvang (now closed); Pueblo Pollo, 6578 Trigo Road, Isla Vista
  • October 2023: Santa Barbara Fish Market, 7127 Hollister Ave. Ste. 18, Goleta; Santa Barbara Pizza House, 515 State St.
  • September 2023: Crumbl Cookies, 5660 Calle Real, Goleta; Pizza Mizza, 1114 State St. (now Santa Barbara Courthouse Distillery and Events)
  • August 2023: Asia 101, 903 Embarcadero Del Norte, Isla Vista; Mollie’s Italian Deli, 1039 Casitas Pass Rd., Carpinteria
  • July 2023: Chick-fil-A (reopened), 3707 State St.; Maria’s Tacos, 6545 Pardall Rd., Isla Vista; Social Eats, 6521 Pardall Rd., Isla Vista; Terra, 5490 Hollister Ave., Goleta (inside The Steward hotel); The Kitchen (inside Calvary Chapel), 1 N. Calle Cesar Chavez, Ste. 21
  • June 2023: Kozy Craft Coffee, 6560 Pardall Rd., Isla Vista; Pokewaves, 4791 Calle Real #102, Noleta
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  1. Jeanette Arnoldi says:

    Great news ARNOLDI’S CAFE will be re opening soon.
    ARNOLDI’S CAFE will be starting a new chapter with a new “business owner” Please be patient, we’ll keep you updated with “Re Grand Opening” details.

  2. Suzette seagoe says:

    Pang Zi Noodle Shop appears to be open. Corner Nogal and Hollister.

  3. Peter says:

    Jemma “Montecito”(?) to open.
    Sorry, but 1801 E.Cabrillo Blvd. sure isn’t Montecito! What’s next, Milpascito or Salinascito!

  4. Jeanette Arnoldi says:

    Arnoldi’s Cafe hoping to be reopening in the middle of August with “new business owner”.

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