Do you know anything about the people selling tacos around town that are basically setups on the sidewalk with big bright lights?

Are they authorized or in a grey area? Are they related or separate? I counted 4 the other day on lower Westside area, one by rifero’s on Mission Street, 1 on San Andres, 1 on San Pascual, 1 on Montecito street.
– John P.S.

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  1. SB & Tahoe says:

    There was one for a few evenings on the side walk on Hollister in front of Goleta Target. One night as I was getting takeout from Pollofino, I saw 5 police cars swoop in and shut it down. Literally pull the plug. Then Saturday and yesterday there was one on Hollister in old town Goleta near Fairview. Not there tonight. At least in Goleta, it seems the police don’t let them operate for long.

  2. Whirl says:

    Has anyone tried the tacos? Reviews?

  3. Christine! says:

    They are illegal and not to be confused with legal “pop-up” operations. No sanitation, no handwashing stations, no running hot water and no insurance or taxes paid like restaurants.

  4. PJ says:

    They have appeared on upper State St. a few times in front of the 7-11.

  5. Bill says:

    Enforce the laws, evenly. Across all races and nationalities.

    Which means: Shut these illegal operations down. Fine the workers, confiscate their stuff. Follow the law/rules or pay the price. Something everyone learns in school by the 3rd grade but something we seem to have forgotten in today’s bifurcated society.

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