Reader John P.S. sends an update about SB Munchiez:

“Have not confirmed but friend says SB Munchiez on Hollister closed. Now listed on delivery apps as ‘Munchiez SB’ and the website works. However, the address on their website is now listed as 3007 De la Vina Street, which is the address of Patio Cafe, but maybe they are sharing space as Patio Café closes at 2 p.m.. Munchiez says that they open at 5 p.m.. Also, they have a new phone number that is not in the Santa Barbara area code but instead in Anaheim: 657-213-4433”

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3 Responses to MUNCHIEZ MOVES

  1. Brendan says:

    I have seen a large food truck parked at that location in the evenings. I think Munchiez SB is basically operating out of that truck.

    • Brendan says:

      Update: I passed by again today and it looks they now indeed are operating out of the Patio Cafe Kitchen. Not clear if you can also sit on the patio with your food. . .

  2. Suzette seagoe says:

    Something new is going into the corner of Hollister and Nogal where Munchiez was. Not sure what.

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