The city of Santa Barbara is getting a new deli and catering business, Mo’s To-Go. Developed by non-profit, Momentum Work, Inc., the small business believes their success “relies on embracing a diversity of skills and experience.” Mo’s To-Go cooks up a simple menu with all items made from scratch, while providing its neurodivergent staff with a set of professional culinary and customer service skills.  Momentum Work, Inc. has provided employment services to residents of the Tri-Counties for 56 years following the state’s Employment First Policy, which means real jobs for individuals with disabilities and the dignity that arises from earning a living wage in the general workforce.

“While working at Mo’s, I hope to further refine my skills as a chef, and at the same time, gain a more in depth understanding of how to help neurodivergent individuals succeed in the workplace”, shares team member, Eric Johnson. “I feel a profound sense of belonging here that I have yet to feel at any other job.”

Learn more about Mo’s To-Go and place your order online for a Thursday or Friday delivery at

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2 Responses to MO’S TO-GO COMING TO SB

  1. Rae van Seenus says:

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. Not Mo says:

    I’d be surprised they don’t run into a trademark issue with the National burrito company Mo’s. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was that company, thinking maybe they have a to go only model they are trying. That’s kind of the definition of how trademarks work.

    They might want to rebrand before they open.

    I wish them the best and have no connection to Mo’s besides eating there in the past and getting diahrrea every time.

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