Jonesy’s Fried Chicken has opened at 282 Orange Avenue in Goleta, the former home of Red Pepper restaurant.

“There is a big gap between some of these sit-down restaurants that are doing a $28 fried chicken and KFC chicken and that’s where we want to come in,” says owner and long time local chef Kyle Jones, who also runs Craft Wood Fired Catering. “It’s kind of casual dining with an intelligent twist. Our motto is ‘under-promise and over-deliver.’  When you get here I want you to understand the attention to detail and what we are working with. The Mary’s air-chilled organic chicken, the high quality and highly refined peanut oil we are using for the fryers, and stuff like that. We’re not breaking the bank on the price point but we are making sure that the quality is there and the attention to detail is there.”

The Shared Plates menu includes JFC Buttermilk Fried Wings $16, Buffalo Wings $16, Hand-made Buttermilk Biscuits $10, Fried Mac-n-Cheese Balls $14, Pimento Cheese & Crackers $14, and Angry Bird Fries $12. The Chicken Plates menu includes Three Mary’s Tenders (with two sides) $17, Five Mary’s Tenders (with three sides) $24, and Big Bird Tray $48. The Sandwiches menu includes JFC Original $14, Buffalo Bird $16, Korean Nashville Hot $16, Nashville Hot Cod $17, and Georgia Peach $17.

Hours are 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday. Call (805) 770-2428 or visit

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Owner Kyle Jones. Photo by The Restaurant Guy

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