This just in from The Oyster Bar, coming this month to Moby Dick’s on Stearns Wharf:

Good morning, John.

It gives me great pleasure to share with you exciting news about changes at one of Santa Barbara’s signature restaurants: Moby Dick on Stearns Wharf. The changes are spearheaded by the creation of The Oyster Bar, a beautifully designed facility with a 270 degree view of the city, the harbor, and the Santa Barbara Channel. Slated to open to the public on May 23, The Oyster Bar will feature a curated selection of fresh seafood, craft cocktails, and craft beers from our region. Chef David Campos, previously at the Ritz Carleton, is applying his experience and creativity in designing dishes and cocktails that promise a special dining experience in a unique setting.

Beyond The Oyster Bar, our new Director of Operations, Scott Howard, a restaurateur with deep experience in Marin County, Beverly Hills and Florida, is leading a transformation of the Moby Dick Restaurant more broadly. Chef Campos has created a new imaginative menu that is reflective of our community, focused on locally produced and sustainably harvested seafood, produce, and alcoholic beverages.

Karl L. Hutterer
President & CEO
The Stearns Wharf Company, dba Moby Dick Restaurant

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