Hi John –

Enjoy your newsletter. Is there any arcade business or eating establishment that has pinball machines in SB/Goleta area? The former Zodo’s does not and I can’ find any places in a quick search but I thought I’d ask you. Oddly my hometown of Monterey Peninsula with a smaller population has a few businesses with pinball but I don’t see any here.

Thanks for your feedback!


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  1. Anna Ferguson says:

    Hello! peasants DELI, in Solvang, has an attached arcade with vintage (and new) pinball and video game consoles (and, air hockey!): (473 Atterdag Rd #104, Solvang)

  2. Steve says:

    There is a great arcade at Peasants Feast in Solvang, if you want to travel a bit

  3. Bob Wesley says:

    In La Arcada by the restaurant at the fountain in the rear of the plaza

  4. JMCarré says:

    La Arcada by the turtle pond. Big restaurant & BIG ROOM attached for all sorts of pinball machines

  5. Jeff says:

    Old Town Coffee on Hollister Ave. in Goleta had a couple of pinball machines last time I was there.

  6. JP140 says:

    Old Town Coffee has pinball x3, a few arcade games, pool, foosball, and air hockey!

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