Plant-based Oliver’s restaurant at 1198 Coast Village Road, which spent 5 years remodeling the former home of Peabody’s, before opening in October 2017, plans to close on April 20th. Here is a message they have posted about the changes:

It is with gratitude, light hearts and fond memories, we want to let you know that our last night of service at Oliver’s will be next Saturday, April 20th. It has been an incredible honor to be part of such a beautiful, strong and resilient community for the last seven years, and we will deeply miss the privilege of welcoming you into our restaurant. Your kindness and support will never be forgotten. We’re wishing all of you an abundance of joy, laughter and good health, and we hope to see you before our last round of Artichoke Crab Cakes and Billy Billys hits the table. As for what the future holds, there will be a new concept coming to our Coast Village Road space in the months ahead, and Oliver’s may return to a new location in the coming years.

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5 Responses to OLIVER’S TO CLOSE

  1. Marla Cooper says:

    I will miss Oliver’s. It was SO good. IMO they made a huge mistake with their hours of operation. They should have been open for lunch and their dinner should have started by 4pm. I wanted to go there so many times only to remember their ridiculous hours.

    I will miss their truly gourmet food and hope they will re-open somewhere else with more accessible hours.

  2. Ray Goldenberg says:

    They should have never closed Peabodys. It was one of our favorites. Does anyone know if McCaw owned the original Peabodys or did he just buy it and then open Olivers?

  3. San Quentin steve says:

    Decent food but truly insanely overpriced, even for Santa Barbara/Southern California.

    They basically doubled their prices since opening.

    But I did meet jack Johnson there one time and he called my baby cute, so it has that going for it.

  4. Art G says:

    I believe Peabody’s was started by the old Hudson’s Grill chain who also owned Pelican’s Wharf up the block. Gary, the manager was able to acquire Peabody’s from Hudson’s after winning a liquor license lottery.
    Before it was Peabody’s it was the De Anza and had a painting of the conquistador behind the bar

  5. Olivia says:

    We will miss Oliver’s for several reasons . The staff always makes each guest feel special and the welcome mat was always out. For the last several years it has been home to friends gathering from around the United States. The food is always excellent with portions groups could share. Gratitude and grace was always in the room and seated at every table. You left a mark and we are very proud to have dined there and made many friends.

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