Reader Suzette asked me a question about Munchiez:

Looks like Munchiez at the corner of Nogal and Hollister is gone. The green awning now says Mexican Food Restaurant. Anyone have information? Thanks!

I stopped by that address a few weeks ago when the first inquiry about this hit my inbox. For some odd reason, the Munchiez awning has indeed being replaced my one that says “Mexican Food Restaurant,” but the popular Munchiez delivery service is still there. I asked employees about it and they said that Mexican food has recently been added to their extensive menu but, other than that, nothing has changed – except for the awning.

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  1. JP says:

    It was a Mexican restaurant when El Pastorcito was there a few years ago. Speaking of, they are now open Thursday-Saturday 5 pm to 10 pm at 1915 De La Vina St. 805-570-7014 the food truck is open on Milpas 4-10 pm every day but Monday.

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