This just in from reader Elvis about Cody’s Cafe at 4898 Hollister Avenue in Noleta:

March 2024, re Cody’s liquor license: About three weeks ago, we were having our usual lunch with a Margarita, and server told us that this was the last time he’d be bringing us an alcoholic beverage of any kind, because of a problem with the liquor license.

We like Cody’s a lot, and have since continued to eat there regularly, but as of March 18, there was NO alcohol of any type available, not even bottled beer or wine. This is discouraging, because there are times when these beverages are very nice to have.

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3 Responses to DRY AT CODY’S

  1. g mcmichael says:

    they stabbed them selves in the back, won’t go there!

  2. Milo says:

    Liquor license was the only thing keeping that place alive. I don’t see Cody’s lasting much longer.

  3. Eric says:

    Didn’t they also have an issue with the license when it switched owners?

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