This just in from reader Larry:

Hi John,
I enjoy your ‘crystal ball’ readings and I wanted to share a new tasting room with you!  The place is High Seas Mead and it’s located in the Railroad Square commercial condominium project located in the Baja Funk Zone at 138 Powers Ave in SB. It’s off the beaten path but it is a very cool spot serving hand crafted mead and cider. It’s crafted by Austin Corrigan, a local fellow with a degree from the CIA and his wife Anne. They just opened and have done everything themselves. Here is their website Check it out and I hope it will make your recommendations list.
Thanks for your attention to the local food scene.
Independent reader

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2 Responses to NEW TASTING ROOM

  1. Christine_Z28 says:

    “Baja Funk Zone” – is this a new branding of our “funk zone” I’m unaware of?

    • Brendan says:

      Presumably that’s their attempt to brand the location as having something to do with the funk zone. It’s not actually in the funk zone. It’s in an industrial area sort of between the funk zone and Milpas, where Marborg’s recycling center is.

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