Here is a message to you from Enrique Arreola at Del Pueblo Café in the Magnolia Shopping Center:

“After 26 years October 27 was our last day in business under my direction. Comunidad/Community, Thank you. I am filled with gratitude for your friendship, business and love. You have held us and been a part of our family since 1997 when my parents, Alejandro and Esperanza Arreola first opened the doors to Del Pueblo Cafe. We have had the opportunity to share meals and our Mexican and Chicana/o culture with you, host art exhibits and concerts with bands like La Santa Cecilia and Chicano Batman, collaborate with non-profits in our community, jumpstart careers, cater weddings, provide nourishment at wakes and funerals.

You have been with us when we expanded into the bigger room to grow our business, with us when assistant manager and brother Alex passed away in 2019 and helped us keep our employees and business afloat during the thick if COVID. We would not have been able to do it without you, without community.

After 25 years the time has come for a new chapter for Del Pueblo Cafe. I am hopeful to rest a little and spend time with my children and figure out what my next chapter will bring. It has been an honor and a privilege to get to know each and every one of you. In the coming days we may announce that a new owner/director will keep del pueblo cafe in business.”

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  1. Jp says:

    We are thrilled to announce that Del Pueblo Cafe’s 26 year legacy will continue under the leadership, guidance and love of my niece, Giselle Cuevas. My parents Alejandro and Esperanza Arreola and I know that it is in good hands. We look forward to continuing eating, enjoying art, celebrating our culture, and building a community together. Que viva Del Pueblo Cafe! C/S

  2. Bert says:

    sign on the door says reopening tomorrow Nov 17th! woohoo!

  3. Art says:

    Saturday 18th. Just called , 8:30 am they are open early for breakfast