Reader Steve H. forwarded me a photo of a story from Montecito Journal reporter Kelly Mahan Herrick that says that “Jemma Montecito” is the name of the the new restaurant coming to 1801 East Cabrillo Boulevard, next to the Bird Refuge. The cuisine will be “upscale Italian” and offer a variety of special and classic dishes. The story says Memento Mori Hospitality is behind the new eatery, which was founded by Jackson and Melissa Kalb.

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  1. Peter says:

    1801 East Cabrillo Blvd is now being promoted as “Montecito”?
    I realize that the new restaurant owners are from Los Angeles, but they may wish to better orient themselves on this easterly portion of the city of Santa Barbara.
    What’s next, “Milpascito”?

  2. Hefe says:

    Montecito adjacent?
    All of coast village road is Santa Barbara. Vons/ Pavilions is Santa Barbara and all the coast village businesses use a Montecito address even though technically in SB.

    I think it would be a confusing descriptor/locator to use SB for those businesses including bird refuge.

  3. Lori Marquina says:

    Get excited!
    JEMMA will be on the right side of the railroad tracks.
    Good luck and welcome to the neighborhood.

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