“I would like some help. I’m trying to find the best chili verde in the Santa Barbara area. I would like it spicy and full of favor. I’ve tried many, but have not found a great one, so far. I need your readers help.” – Nobie

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16 Responses to QUESTION OF THE DAY

  1. Bill says:

    I like Pepe’s

  2. Tom says:

    Does everyone have their favorite spot for different dishes?
    El Sitio for adobado
    El Bajio – carnitas
    Rincon alteno – chicken
    Super Cucas – chile relleno burrito

  3. Tamara says:

    The Garden Market (Tivi’s chile verde the best) It is not made every day, but if you
    call in we will make it….805-745-5505)

  4. Daniel says:

    Mulligans Cafe is so good!

  5. Janet says:

    Domingo’s Cafe in Goleta

  6. Alisa haley says:


  7. Peter says:

    While I’m no fan of Lito’s, I must admit that the chili verde is quite good. I’ve always found the rest of the menu items are to greasy.

  8. Inez says:

    Burrito Tradicional at Delgados in Carpinteria best chile verde.

  9. Brendan says:

    The consistently best chile verde I’ve had is at Presidio Market. They don’t have a platter though, just burritos/tacos/etc.

    I’ve also had good chile verde at La Chapala Market in Goleta, although it’s a little less consistent.

  10. Fay says:

    Domingo’s & Pepe’s, Mulligans too! All three are great, need to try Lito’s, love their Chili Colorado!

  11. Nobie says:

    Thank you everyone. Looking forward to trying the ones I haven’t. Great suggestion.

    If you make it down to Whittier, try Cilantro’s Tacos’ Chile Verde. It’s very good. I was just there on a trip down to SoCal.

  12. Suzanne says:

    Del Pueblo has a good one as well!

  13. Rosie Molina says:

    Oddly enough, my husband and I love the chile verde from Cajun Kitchen, especially if you have it for breakfast! Supper yummy. We also like Pepe’s.

  14. Kae says:

    Dear Nobie–Please let us know what you find is your favorite! We’ll be interested to know your thoughts.