After decades in business the first and last South Coast Silvergreens restaurant, established in 1995 and located at 900 Embarcadero del Mar in Isla Vista, closed in September 2020. Silvergeens was a sister restaurant to the popular Kyle’s Kitchen and one of the first salad-only eateries. Earlier this month I was visiting GraphicInk in Goleta to have a sign made for the Restaurant Kid’s 9th birthday party and noticed something peculiar in the corner: a refrigerator labeled “Silvergreens.” At first I thought that it might be leftover equipment from a closed restaurant then an employee told me that it is actually part of a new service by Silvergreens. Inside were salads with names of customers who would soon be enjoying them for lunch.

I did some research and found that the iconic local Silvergreens brand is indeed making a comeback. “Silvergreens Salad House” is distributing glass door refrigerators to businesses across the South Coast. Each week companies and employees order meals online and early the next week Silvergreens stocks your office fridge with fresh salads, wraps and sides. Small refrigerators hold 49 items and while the large one has a capacity of 100.

At the heart of it is an optional subscription program that takes Silvergreens to another level. Silvergreens membership program is currently only available to local Santa Barbara area businesses. The non-subscription option has no membership fees and lets you stock your refrigerators with 3 weeks worth of food for $3-$10 per item with a $400 minimum order. The subscription system has a fee of $59/week and lets you order products in batches of four for 40 dollars. Everything is delivered to your workplace.

“Silvergreens delivers straight to your work and stores your salads and sides in a refrigerator, allowing you and your team to access meals all week,” says their website “At only $10 per salad/wrap, you can easily save budget on your team’s meals, while also eliminating waste. When you pair healthy and delicious meals together, it creates a happier, more productive team. Silvergreens uses Pop Bowls, patented new-age salad bowls that expand on the bottom so that you can freshly toss your salad without making a mess.”


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  1. Ed Adams says:

    Neat idea but I hope at some point they come back to non business people like me. I miss them.

  2. Tom says:

    This is an amazing idea. I’ll eat a salad everyday for lunch if I know it’s waiting for me.