This just in from reader Darell

I stopped by the Uptown Lounge [at 3126 State Street] yesterday and it looked ready for business all but the windows covered up. There was a worker there cleaning and I asked him if they were going to reopen and he said “yes that the owners are planning to reopen I think they are going to change the name and get new furniture and re-paint.” I was happy to hear that!! Doesn’t sound like they will be closing their doors.”

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  1. MB says:

    Oh no….I really hope this guy is wrong. Why is it listed for sale on loopnet ? And why did the musician that has played there for two years say they were going out of business ???

  2. Jimmy Jam says:

    Maybe they just didn’t want that musician coming back… 😉

  3. Milo says:

    Bring back Don’s John!

  4. Hefe says:

    Wasn’t Tiburon The Golden Cock a one point?

  5. Gary says:

    This is peoples life savings we are talking about. Please have a little more respect.