Readers Warren and Tom let me know that Uptown Lounge at 3126 State Street has apparently closed. I haven’t received an official word but reader Tom says the business has been closed during usually-open hours and reader Warren says a local musician has posted the following message on Facebook:

My 29 month run of playing at the Uptown Lounge every Friday has come to an end. I was informed today that the venue has gone out of business and has closed its doors for good.

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  1. Spank13 says:

    The place took a sharp nosedive. Add that robbery fiasco recently and you can color me not surprised.

  2. BeachNLance says:

    The city didn’t do them any favors by moving the annual Fiesta event from McKenzie Park to City College.

  3. Ian says:

    I thought something was up when they were closed during Thursday Night Football last week. They almost always had big crowds in there watching the pro games on Thursday, Sunday and Monday, as well as college games on Saturdays.

  4. Darell says:

    I stopped by the uptown yesterday and it looked ready for business all but the windows covered up. There was a worker there cleaning and I asked him if they were going to re open and he said “yes that the owners are planning to re open I think they are going to change the name and get new furniture and re paint”
    I was happy to hear that!!
    Doesn’t sound like they will be closing their doors.

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