Reader Andre C. directed me to a Reddit page where a person claims that their mom was visiting a salon next door to Del Pueblo Cafe in Magnolia Shopping Center and was told that the eatery is closing because of a rent increase. I lived a block away from Del Pueblo Cafe when it opened in 1997 and it has been on The Restaurant Guy’s go-to list since that time. Not willing to accept as fact words from an anonymous son who heard from their anonymous mom who heard from an anonymous salon owner, I reached out to the restaurant directly and received this reply:

Hi John.
The closing of Del Pueblo is not definite. What I can say now is that we are in negotiations with a possible new owner.
Thanks for checking in.

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  1. El Guapo says:

    That center was bought by a REIT called ROIC a few years ago, they’re not a local company, they’re only interested in return on invested capital (ROIC). They’ve been jacking up rents as high as they can get them since they bought it and that’s why we’ve seen units turnover there. I’ve talked with a few now ex-tenants and they said the company was impossible to deal with and completely unreasonable, which is pretty much standard operating procedure from what I’ve heard from other businesses at other properties they own.

  2. Milo says: shows the Del Pueblo space being marketed and available Nov 1, 2023.

  3. Bert says:

    Oh no!!!! This is our favorite place to have a great Mexican meal. Enrique and his staff are the best! I sure hope he finds a new spot soon and we will be first in line to welcome them to where ever they may land. I’m sure new owner if one is found will not have the great recipes and finesse that Enrique has with his family’s food.

  4. Meridith says:

    This is one of the most delicious Mexican restaurants around

  5. Frank DeTrana says:

    Moving out would be good punishment for the landlord.

  6. Maureen McFadden says:

    Favorite eatery for me and whenever guests come to town I take them to Del Pueblo – GD landlords should be strung up. I got booted out of my office of 26 years by local company – only wanted to raise my rent …400%

  7. Stacey says:

    “Possible new owner” sounds to me like they may be selling Del Pueblo to someone rather than trying to make a go with the higher rent. Not to be a downer but this is pretty much the same as them closing, in my eyes – it will mean different hands in the kitchen, almost certainly higher prices, etc. I no longer live in SB but I grew up around the corner from Del Pueblo and always, always make a visit when I’m in town. One more place I’ll miss 🙁

  8. Susan W says:

    Always great food and service. This is sad.

    Same corp owns Casitas Plaza in Carp, and Five Points in SB.

  9. Margaret Beavers says:

    Del Pueblo was always a good restaurant for eating good Mexican food. Their abondigas was always my favorite.
    Hears rumors that Magnolia mighty become more condo community..willl be so sad to lose this established center. Anyone seeing what’s happening between goleta and Santa Barbara. What we depend on is slowly leaving. How soon before the County starts to recommend we be v a n need to Goleta. That means police and fire will be leased not paid by County. Let’s hope established businesses are coming our way.
    Still don’t know what happened to Shalhoobs!

  10. Durward Brandy Brandis says:

    My brother from a different mother introduced me to Del Pueblo just yesterday. My heart soared like a hawk. I have chased the best Mexican food since arriving in this area in the late 70’s. Serranitos, Pepe’s, Freebirds, Mexican Fresh (?) on the Mesa, Rose Cafe, El Sitio, Super Cucas, Del Pueblo. The battle I sense from the news update sounds like David and Goliath. I’m with David. I will dine at Del Pueblo three times a week for as long as it takes. Brandy