Here is a message to you from Barbareño at 205 W Canon Perdido Street:

Hello John!

My name is Nathaniel Tyson, I’m the current Maître D’ at Barbareño . I’m writing to tell you about an event we’ll be doing on Saturday, September 23rd that I’m very excited about! In collaboration for the first time with Ojai Valley Brewery we’ll be doing a paired beer dinner.

As you are aware, we love to highlight what is fresh and local here to Santa Barbara on our menu, and the same goes for OVB. They use all botanicals and herbs that grow in Ojai to flavour their beers. When our paths crossed it seemed like we just had to create something together. So we have!

This will be a four course, family style dinner held on the Brewery’s patio in Ojai. Each course will be featuring an herb that is also featured in the beer, creating the perfect complementary pairing. In addition to the food, Lanny Kaufer, local herb expert and guide, will be speaking about the herbs featured in each course and their importance to the local environment.

The event itself will seat 50 people and begin at 6:30 PM. Additionally, there is an option to go on a nature walk with Lanny at Cluff Vista Park beforehand which will end at the brewery just in time for dinner to start. Below is an outline of the basic components and beer pairing for each course.

Course 1: Local halibut ceviche paired with East End Fruit Ale
Course 2: Acorn tamales paired with Chaparral Sage Amber Ale
Course 3: Oak smoked rabbit paired with Sugarbush Sumac Ojai Pale Ale
Course 4: Pinyon cake paired with White Gruit Hopless Beer

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Do you know the price?