A local memorial is being held for Santa Barbara’s legendary Chef Karim Chhibbane who passed away Christmas Eve last year from heart failure. He was 64. Karim was one of the nicest people I ever met. Karim opened Chef Karim’s Moroccan Restaurant in Victoria Court in 1996, enjoying nearly 15 years of success.

Upon retiring in 2010 he sent me a message to share with readers: “Thank you to all of Santa Barbara, to SIMA, to you John, also to people from other places that traveled and came here many many times,” said Chhibbane. “But especially those from Santa Barbara. It’s been a great experience to be with the people of Santa Barbara and feel that I’m home. I’ve never felt for one day that I’m not home.”

The memorial for Chef Karim will be held at 1221 Chapala Street, 5:30-7:30pm on Sunday, August 13, 2023.  If there is anyone who would like to attend, they are welcome.

Read more about Chef Karim in the Full Belly Files at the Santa Barbara Independent

Credit: Matt Ryerson, Lincoln Star file photo

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  1. Catherine abarca says:

    The address is actually 1221 Chapala

  2. Mike says:

    I was out of town or I would have gone, good times and even better food.

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