I have been on back-to-back vacations (one at Copco Lake near Yreka, CA, another at a kids camp near Big Bear) plus I have been busy with family matters. I have missed you without a doubt. I will post some restaurant news that has come my way over the last month. While I was at Copco Lake we went on some day trips and a couple of restaurants I stopped at were very good. One was the Bigfoot Steakhouse in Willow Creek, CA (the Bigfoot capital of the world) and the other was Caldera Brewery and Restaurant in Ashland, OR.

Photos by The Restaurant Guy

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2 Responses to BACK IN THE SADDLE

  1. Judy's Older Brother says:

    Good to see you back. Was getting worried,

  2. LoFiGirl says:

    I was just in Ashland Oregon too! Pretty place. LOOONG drive.