Starting next year, San Diego-based Luna Grill will begin the process of adding South Coast locations, including Montecito and Isla Vista.

Luna Grill, with 40 restaurants (32 in Southern California, 8 in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas) offering fast-casual Mediterranean cuisine, opened locally on September 8, 2017 at 3925 State Street (Five Points Shopping Center), next to Blaze Pizza. Both Luna Grill and Blaze Pizza occupy the former home of Carl’s Jr. Santa Barbara hosts the chain’s northern-most California outlet and Chula Vista is the home of a restaurant at the southern end of their service region.

Luna Grill has a menu that focuses on grilled chicken kabobs, and also offers beef, veggie, fish and lamb options. You choose a grilled protein and whether you want it served as a wrap, salad or signature plate. Your meal includes choice of sides such as hummus, falafel, spinach pie, spicy feta dip or fries. Meats at Luna Grill come from animals raised without growth hormones or antibiotics and the company avoids genetically modified or artificial ingredients.

Photo by The Restaurant Guy

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