I stopped by Teddy’s on State, which is coming 3102 State Street, the former home of Yanni’s Greek Deli and Mackenzie Market, to see if there has been any progress. It is filled with stacks of items that are either on their when in, or on their way out (it’s hard to tell), and no renovation seems to have been started. I called sister business Teddy’s by the Sea restaurant in Carpinteria and was told that it is still on track to open eventually.

Photos by The Restaurant Guy

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  1. Christine_Z28 says:

    Is this 2 years empty now? Who is to blame?

    • The Restaurant Guy says:

      There is no blame to be had. It takes time for landlords to find a new tenant or for buildings to be sold and remodeled by the new owner. And it takes time for tenants to renovate and open. In some cases I have seen it take 5 years though I really doubt it will take that long here.

    • Sam says:

      Have you ever purchased a commercial building and then tried working with the city of Santa Barbara to receive a permit to spend 2 million dollars to remodel a building that probably needs to be torn down?
      I’m going through the city records and they show this building was purchased by Sarah Dandona and started working with the city of SB on plans to remodel.
      If your not a contractor ( like I am) or a developer you have no business asking questions that are seriously not very smart.

      It takes years and millions of dollars to get a project like this off the ground.

      This message is for the owner ( Sarah Dandona )
      Please contact me if I can help you with a bid on construction bid for this project.


      • Christine_Z28 says:

        Sam wrote, “you have no business asking questions that are seriously not very smart.”

        So… I’m not in the restaurant business, and I’m not a contractor. I know there is significant local excitement to have this location up and operating with the new owner. Two years seems like a long time, indeed, and I was just asking if there was a reason why. Even John’s article states the owner describes the opening as “eventually.” The lack of activity and action is a bummer to those looking forward to a new local spot.

        “Blame” sometimes carries a negative connotation, but I didn’t mean that here. Merriam-Webster’s second definition is “to hold responsible.” We read frequently that the City drags its feet with permitting process. Maybe it’s an older building. Maybe (heaven forbid) the owner ran out of funding. I was merely asking for more information on the delay.

  2. Jp says:

    It always had a bunch of random stuff inside. If it was more organized and had better signage, it would have done better business

  3. Justine says:

    I worked there when I was a UCSB student in the mid-80s… it was Mackenzie Market and gas station then, owned by a sweet family–Iranian dad who cooked delicious Persian food in the little kitchen, American mom, and their daughter in her 20s.

  4. Ros E Cervantes-Garcia says:

    Thank you Restaurant Guy for the update. Hopefully they will open soon.

  5. Hefe says:

    Well, they are operational in Carp and have purchased a building for a second location and moving forward. A successful first location seems to be an indication they have a good idea of the process.
    Too many assumptions. No one posting actually knows. They could be well funded and well advised. And already have an experienced contractor.

    • San Roque mom says:

      From what I understand the couple that purchased the Mackenzie Market property also owns the property where their new coffee house was just opened and they also own several other properties and several other businesses besides Teddy’s by the sea and brass bird coffee.
      I also hear that they have access to money from wife’s side of the family.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if they break ground any day now from what my neighbor tells me. He happens to be close friends with the owners.
      John can you get any more information regarding this property?