In March 2022 I broke the news that Taqueria La Unica is coming to 3771 State Street, the former home of Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell, and Char West. The Mexican eatery will be run by Carlos Luna, owner of the hugely popular Los Agaves restaurants as well as Santo Mezcal.

Reader Andreas C. sent me an update:

“That taqueria coming to where Dunkin used to be seems to be opening within days. For a week or so now they have had all their tables, chairs, registers set up, but just this morning I saw a huge meat truck and two refrigerated trucks delivering stuff there.”

Sources tell me the Taqueria La Unica hopes to open in mid-March. I stopped by to get some new photos, posted below.

Photos by The Restaurant Guy

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  1. LEE JUSKALIAN says:

    so many new(and old) mexican joints, but none are organic since sharky’s closed in goleta for the pandemic. their ventura shop is a stretch for me from hope/state. they all say the same line “using family recipes” and “finest ingredients” but what does that even mean? the same trucks deliver the same pesticide produce to different locations. and they close as rapidly as new ones(italian too) open. the turnover is this town is second to none. how can a bank even THINK about granting a biz. loan is beyond me? there is a huge organic population being underserved here.

  2. Bill says:

    I miss Char West and the Gordo Burger.
    Another taco place is OK but will it be as good as Lillies?

    • Mike says:

      Never understood the Lily’s hype. Meat in chafing dishes plopped on a store bought tortilla and put on a paper plate. Now almost $3 per taco…no thanks.

  3. k says:

    char west turkey burger was the best at that location

  4. Bill says:

    Don’t remember the Turkey Burger but during the 70’s but Char West had the best burgers.
    Ken’s and Petersons were also good. Petersons for shakes and Kens for Burgers. Petersons opened first but Kens had 19 cent burgers undercutting Petersons.

  5. San Roque local says:

    Forget about all that in the past? Carlos is going to knock this one out the park!

    Can’t wait mr Luna and thank you for countless meals at your establishments. We are lucky to to have you here in SB.

  6. Larry Ameen says:

    If anybody can make this location a huge success is Carlos Luna. I have eaten at everyone of his restaurants and has never disappoints. I am sure that TAQUERIA LA UNICA will be another family favorite for all of the people in Santa Barbara to enjoy ❤️