The Lark, Pearl Social, Santa Barbara Wine Collective, Loquita, and La Paloma Cafe are now offering seasonal, Santa Barbara County-inspired cocktails. All new seasonal drinks are priced from $14-16.

– Of Consequence (The Lark): “A cocktail that pays tribute to the rich silent film history of Santa Barbara. With its soft fruity undertone, the cocktail owes its flavor profile to the aromatic quince fruit. The herbal complexity that lingers into the finish is achieved through the combination of Suze and saffron bitters. Named after a classic Flying A Studio film, this exciting spin on a Vesper martini offers a refreshing way to welcome spring.”

– Pomada (Loquita): “The inspiration behind Loquita’s Gin Tonica is to highlight the unique flavor profile of this particular type of gin, which is distilledon the island of Xoriguer in Menorca. The gin is made using a blend of juniper berries, local herbs, and the island’s own grape spirit,resulting in a distinctive flavor that sets it apart from other gins. Traditionally, this cocktail is composed of lemonade, which has its roots in Menorca and was originally consumed at their famous seafood festival.”

– Celery Gin Fizz (La Paloma Cafe): “The Celery Gin Fizz cocktail is a modern take on the classic Gin Fizz, with celery as the star ingredient. The inspiration behind this cocktail is to create a refreshing and herbaceous drink that incorporates savory flavors in a light and effervescent way.”

– Lavender Lemon Spritz (Santa Barbara Wine Collective): “This cocktail is a fun, floral spin on the classic gimlet. It is a fragrant, refreshing, and vibrant love letter to the spring season. To add a bit of sparkle it is topped off with a local Blanc de Blanc by Fess Parker.”

– Jump in Line (Pearl Social): “Jump in Line is inspired by the warm summer evenings. The smokiness of the charred Meyer lemon paired with the bright and zesty flavors of tequila and Italicus bring to mind the beauty and vibrancy of summer in Santa Barbara.”

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