While talking with Project Manager Andres Velasco at the new downtown eatery Corazón Comedor, which is one of a series of restaurants being opened by Corazón Cocina founder Ramon Velazquez, I learned that a restaurant named Tacos Roma is coming to 1024 Coast Village Road, the former home of Little Alex’s. They hope to open four or five months from now. Previously I reported that the name of the eatery coming to this space was Alma Fonda Fina but that has changed. “We will be working in the following months in Montecito at the Country Mart,” says Velasco. “We changed the name a little bit because we changed the whole concept. Roma Norte is a district in Mexico City where we have some high-end restaurants. Owner Ramon Velazquez loves Mexico City and travels there a lot. We are focusing on tacos and it will be a little more on the high end but it will still be casual. We are going to be serving plates from Guadalajara [a metropolis in western Mexico and the capital of the state of Jalisco] and we will platter everything super nice. But nothing is set in stone yet.”

A few months back I broke the news that Velazquez may be opening a restaurant inside the M. Special brewery at 634 State Street and I am told that it is not 100% for sure at this point but if plans do hold up the name might be Beast Tacos. Velazquez is also working with The Good Lion to do something in Ventura. Good Lion Hospitality operates The Good Lion bar at 1212 State Street, Shaker Mill at 418 State Street, Test Pilot at 211 Helena Avenue, Venus in Furs at 18 East Cota Street, and Bank of Italy at 394 East Main Street in Ventura.

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