Reader Foodie Mike noticed that Dutch Garden has posted an announcement on Instagram that they open November 16. Hours will be Wedneday-Sunday 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

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  1. Hefe says:

    We went Saturday for lunch. Terrific job on the remodel! Smart management of customer flow so no service issues. Augustine ale is on the menu!

    Food is a little dumbed down. Thin sandwiches, the potato salad was big pieces of potato w not much dressing. Hopefully they get back to the big flavor and decadence that was the DG.

    Lastly, the bill had a 3.5% service charge. So optimistically I asked is this for employee benefits? Sadly no. It’s a convenience fee for using a credit card. Yes, merchants pay a fee for Cc processing. It varies from 1.8% to 3% from basic visa/Mastercard, higher for corporate and reward cards and anex the highest at a 2.9%.(I’m in retail). Statistically, people spend 30% more when using a credit card. Don’t be stupid.

    Our merchant processor continually pushes this strategy which I will never do. Nobody likes to be nickled and dimed. Just bad form. I will boycott to help stop this trend.

    Many will short the tip. Please don’t and please express to them to just raise their prices 2% instead.