Checo’s Mexican restaurant, which I first reported about last February, has opened at 6578 Trigo Road in Isla Vista, in the former home Mojo (which moved to 6530 Seville Road), 805 Kabob, Lovin Oven Mediterranean Bakery & Cafe, Cafe Int’L, and 913 other establishments since USCB opened its current campus in 1949. “This is a Central Mexican restaurant,” says chef and partner Sergio “Checo” Ortega. “We’re from Central West. I’m from Michoacán which defines the influence. Everything is made from scratch. We make our own tortillas. Every salsa is from scratch. Rice, every meat, this is what Mexican food is to me. We have another restaurant in Santa Ana called Checo’s Bar & Grill.” Checo’s has a tortilla machine in the back where you feed in the dough so they are always serving fresh tortillas. Hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Call (805) 869-2209.

CHECK IT OUT: L-R: Augie Hemminger (team member), Sergio Ortega (chef/partner), Michael Graycisn (manager) at the Checo’s Mexican restaurant in Isla Vista serving Central Mexican food made from scratch. Photo by The Restaurant Guy

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