Here is a report from the school that was Restaurant Guy’s alma mater during the Mesozoic Era: Santa Barbara High School is having their 2nd ever All Dons Reunion on Saturday October 1, 11-4pm. There will be food trucks: Mr Softee, Kona Ice, USofE Coffee Truck, Milpas Taqueria, and a BBQ serving Tortas by the Football Team. Also included are school tours, Class Tents, a Merchandise Marketplace with different school clubs selling their wares, an auction including items from Dons’ Athletics, a Painting from alumni Jeremy Harper, Voice Lessons from alumni JR Richards of Dishwalla, entertainment from the band, cheer squad, dance team, choir and the long awaited unveiling of the new “Bossie the Cow” at 1pm. Tickets are $20 for adults

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  1. Bill Chambers (64) says:

    What prehistoric era do I look for you? 1900 1950 1990?