Rite Aid, home to the $1.99 per scoop Thrifty Ice Cream, has announced that their most popular flavor, Mint Chip, has returned after a two month absence. I am told that there was a supply issue with the chocolate chips that held back production.

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4 Responses to MINT CHIP RETURNS

  1. Peter says:

    I recall a post by the Restaurant Guy some years back mentioning that Rite Aid ice cream had both the least expensive AND the most expensive offerings in Santa Barbara.
    While a single scoop at Rite Aid is offered at $1.99 , a certain Ice cream shop on Stearns Wharf features Rite Aid brand ice cream for a whopping $6.75 per scoop, albeit with a nicer view!

  2. Hefe says:

    Dating myself. Who remembers $.05 single $.10 double and $.25 triple?