It appears that Marty’s Pizza at 2733 De la Vina Street, a local icon since 1984, has closed. In April I reported that its building is slated to be demolished as part of a De la Vina Street bridge replacement project. I was told at the time that they were closing in the fall and do not plan to reopen. Sometimes the process of figuring out if a restaurant is actually closed can be a little tricky since nobody is around to confirm it. Marty’s website and Yelp say they are open for business as usual, but their phone number and online ordering system are disconnected, and reader Primetime says he has seen their store looking dark and lonely during posted business hours.

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  1. Brendan says:

    Yes, I walk by it regularly and have not seen it open for weeks. Unfortunate.

  2. RWZ says:

    Yes, Henry Lopez (owner of Marty’s) closed it down the end of July. We loved the pizza there and tried to work with Henry to get him some decent money from the city/county. Henry must be burned out and tired–could not get him to respond. He/Marty’s will be missed!

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