In August 2021 I wrote that the Buellton Planning Commission is studying a proposal for the development of an In-N-Out Burger at 515 McMurray Road, the home of the closed Parks Plaza Theatre. The eatery would have 36 patio dining seats and 74 indoor seats. A Buellton In-N-Out Burger location would be the third in Santa Barbara County joining those in Goleta and Santa Maria. It would be the first new In-N-Out Burger in either Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo counties in more than a decade. I recently received a message from In-N-Out Buellton with an update:

The project is scheduled for a public hearing before the planning commission on September 1st. If all goes well the project will either be approved or denied at that meeting. Once the project is approved, building, grading and demolition plans must be submitted and reviewed. We have no idea how long that will take as it also involves the County building department.

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  1. Hefe says:

    I did not know the movie theater is out of business. Are there no theaters in the valley?

    Wonder if McDonald’s minds it would be right next door I believe.

    Honestly don’t get the In n Out frenzy. It’s a good burger. That’s it. Wait 30 minutes in your car for it? Personally much prefer Habit.

  2. Tom Meade says:

    The Valley needs a convenient movie theater, not another hamburger joint.

  3. Peter says:

    Thank goodness there is a Habit burger very close nearby. Sure beats an Arby’s (although a dear friend of mine loves it) or Dairy Queen!

    • Heidi says:

      Although Habit & In-N-Out are valid substitutes and quite delicious, nothing wrong with high standards in the fast n’ cheap food industry!

  4. Gary Sudder says:

    Great news! We need more hamburger places. The food is fantastic. And fries, extra cheese of course.

  5. Steve says:

    We already have enough freaking hamburger shops in Buellton! how about we just keep the only movie theater we have that is the only thing to do for the small community. They won’t let us have a bowling alley apparently it’s too dangerous. But they’ll keep on putting fast food places in because it generates tax revenue for the city. Buellton has no vision whatsoever. They have a beautiful park but they’re letting everything fall apart. it’s just another scam. We need to bring in some people that has a vision for this town. The best thing about Buellton is the native plant garden in the park

  6. Gary Sudder says:

    The best thing about Santa Barbara-or one of the best things-is the great variety of hamburger places. So good, and we more of them. Delicious with cheese, bacon, and sides, while taking in the scene. More hammies please!