Reader Don sent me some sad news that I confirmed is true: “Hi John, I love how you pay attention to Isla Vista. Pizza My Heart is closing. I ignored the place for years but it’s been so convenient to get a slice and a pint to enjoy on their patio. August 14 is their last day, according to my pal who shared this news. Somebody is going to get lucky if they hire their afternoon manager — that guy is friendly and efficient and he really seems to care for the team members.”

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  1. THOMAS says:

    I’m surprised a pizza place like PMH would close in IV. It was decent pizza in San Jose. Does anyone know why it is closing?

  2. Gary Sudder says:

    Why are they hiking rents? Where’s the prices caps and controls for the people? That pizza was amazing! We need more pizza for SB

  3. Hefe says:

    It depends on the terms of the commercial lease. PMH agreed to terms that allowed the hike. Term, rent escalations and lease options are all negotiable before signing the lease.

    If you sign a 5 year make sure yearly escalations are capped and get options that have protections based on consumer price index or caps like 10% max. Or don’t sign the lease.

    I’d bet anything it is more about logistics(all the other locations are nocal), the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze. IV restaurant turnover is very high.

  4. Mike says:

    Although this Pizza my Heart location was enjoyed by some, unfortunately not enough. Another factor was the liquor license is severely restricted because the housing located above them. The rent is very high and they never achieved the same revenue at this location in compared with their other locations. This is the end of the lease and they deserve credit for lasting this long.

  5. Gary Sudder says:

    Why is a liquor service severely restricted if there are apartments nearby? People are allowed to drink if they’re of legal Californian age? That requirement/law seems very restrictive and not much freedom for those that want to drink