Rare Society to open mid-July

Rare Society is set to open their steakhouse in mid-July in the Funk Zone at 214 State Street, the former home of Corazon Cocina, American Ale, Yankee Noodle, Rebar Coffee, Tri Tip Company, Union Ale Brewing Company, and Couchez. The third location of the San Diego-born concept, Rare Society is the brainchild of Chef Brad Wise who is paying homage to the infamous retro steakhouses that once laid claim to the Las Vegas Strip. Chef Wise’s menu places proteins and seafood in the spotlight, with cuts of dry-aged ribeyes, American wagyu, and classic Filet Mignon complementing steakhouse specialties such as oyster Rockefeller, snow crab legs, and Caesar salad.

Rare Society’s brings back the concept of the 1950s Lazy Susan which solves the age-old steakhouse problem of meat monogamy—choosing one cut and dedicating your night to it. Rare Society has an option that places a Lazy Susan mid-table with slices of a few different cuts: bullseye ribeye, Wagyu strip, tri-tip, NY strip. Next to each offering are ramekins of various sauces including bearnaise, veggie butter, Santa Maria-style salsa, steak sauce, and horseradish cream.

Rare Society will open their steakhouse in mid-July in the Funk Zone in the former home of Couchez, offering a 1950s Lazy Susan to share a variety of cuts of meat at your table. Photo by The Restaurant Guy and courtesy.

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  1. Jesse says:

    Wonder why so much turnover? Is it the location, or?