La Salsa closed

Readers Josh and TPF were at Five Points Shopping Center recently and said that La Salsa at 3987 State Street Ste. D was closed and giving off “closed for good” vibes. In the opinion of La Salsa corporate, however, the news is not so grim. A notice on their website says: “We are temporarily closed. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

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  1. JP says:

    They were closed for a couple of weeks a month or so ago, note on the door said due to covid, don’t know if that means workers were sick, or that they didn’t have enough staff.

    Went last week, one employee was training two others, and they took a long time. They were making one order at a time instead of multi tasking.

  2. Hefe says:

    Franchisor typically require their franchisees to have a clause in the lease where they have the right to assume the current lease if it defaults.

    You frequently see this with Subway where it closes until they find another to take over the location. The space is turnkey so easy to get back open.

    Subway is notorious for over saturating the market place.

    I expect the La Salsa to reopen which makes me

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