Montesano buys Montecito Deli, opening Oye Vey Maria’s next door

This just in from reader Thorn:

Gene Montesano [owner of Joe’s Cafe, D’Angelo Bread, Tre Lune, Lucky’s] bought the Montecito Deli from Jeff Rypysc. I was told he is opening an Italian/Jewish deli next door.

Montesano’s Instragram page says:

Opening this market adjacent to our Montecito Deli” next to a banner that reads “Oye Vey Maria’s, Jewish Italian Delicatessen, Wise Guys Eat Here, 1150 Coast Village Road, Montecito CA, (805) 969-3717.” He added “It will take us about a month to facilitate all the things we have planned. We kept all the employees so you’ll see the same happy faces you’ve gotten to know over the years.”

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5 Responses to Montesano buys Montecito Deli, opening Oye Vey Maria’s next door

  1. Alan Glink says:

    menu, menu, menu.
    Pastrami steamed not fried!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rad Citizen says:

    What’s with the gun on here, isn’t their enough imagery of violence in the world. The masses are stupid and interpret things wrong all the time with symbols like this. Put a positive vibe out there like a dancing dreidel or black + white cookie instead.

  3. Mike says:

    nothing wrong with the gun in the logo, considering wise guys eat there. Its a picture of a gun, totally and completely harmless and it goes with the motto. To be honest, I had missed the gun until it was brought up.

    What will the Pastrami be like ? that is the only really important part. Will I have to keep driving to Brent’s in Westlake or Langer’s downtown L.A. or will there finally be decent Pastrami in SB ?

  4. Eugene Pagliaro says:

    When are you opening for sure my Italian brother and Jewish girlfriend want to eat there

  5. Gerald Bostock says:

    Rad C, I had exactly the same reaction. To each their own…