Tacos to replace Dunkin’ Donuts

3771 State Street, the former home of Dunkin’ Donuts and Taco Bell, will see tacos return to the property. I am told that it won’t be a Taco Bell or Del Taco but will be more of a traditional taco place. The property has been vacant since December 2020 and remodeling for the new Mexican restaurant has begun.

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11 Responses to Tacos to replace Dunkin’ Donuts

  1. Jp says:

    I would love to see Del Taco in SB. There was a rumor a couple of years ago that they were looking for a location in the Milpas area, but nothing ever happened.

    • Lee says:

      I’m so very much in agreement, but think sadly that it probably won’t be a Del Taco. Came to Santa Barbara about 25 years ago from LA and always missed Del Taco. I was one of those weirdoes who ordered/loved the old Del Taco “burgers” – Taco meat served between a traditional hamburger bun Sloppy Joe style. So tasty! (To me anyway.)

    • Ted says:

      Del Taco would be a great addition to SB. Let’s start a petition.

    • Phil says:

      Looking forward to whatever tacos may be coming to that spot. And, I support the petition for a Del Taco in SB!

  2. Hefe says:

    I’ve never eaten at a Del Taco. What’s the difference between them and Taco Bell?

    • Phil says:

      They have different flavor profiles (spices, sauces, etc.). Del Taco preps more ingredients fresh in the restaurant. Del Taco’s refried beans are less runny.

  3. gillian says:

    Yes, we sure do need a Del! Just had it yesterday on my way home from Palm Springs.

  4. Dude says:

    Oh man I would love a Del Taco here, that would be so awesome. Yet it might be more the kind of place that has “authentic” tacos. The kind that are made authentically, with fresh handmade corn tortillas and salsas, made in-house daily. I wonder if Chris Chiarapa is in on this too lol

  5. Whirl says:

    Maybe a 3rd location for Lilly’s Taqueria, in between their other locations.

  6. Gary Sudder says:

    1000% agree, please bring Del Tacos to SB. We need more Mexican good food–tacos, beans, tortillas, and all that goodness. Thank you.