Restricted hours at Turnpike Starbucks drive-thru

Reader Primetime forward this message that says the drive-thru window at Turnpike Starbucks has restricted hours because of an employee shortage:

Public service announcement: the Starbucks drive thru on Turnpike has temporary restricted hours: they are only open 8:30 – 3:30!! On my way out this morning, about 8:20, I went to the drive thru. The lady in front of me wasn’t pulling forward to the speaker, so I gave her a friendly “toot” on my horn. She leaned out her window, and nicely told me “they don’t open til 8:30.” I would have backed out of the drive thru but someone had already pulled in behind me. I have left a review on Yelp asking Starbucks management to please put a large legible sign, readable from the street, indicating their reduced hours. The only sign they had was a small sign on the menu board where you order in the speaker. I asked the employee at the drive thru window if the hours were just for today, or until further notice. She said until further notice, bc of employee shortage. So…..If you know someone that needs a job, they are probably hiring.

Speaking of Starbucks, Primetime also says that the location on Coast Village Road was closed for at least part of last Saturday because of staffing issues. They reopened on Sunday.

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One Response to Restricted hours at Turnpike Starbucks drive-thru

  1. Whirl says:

    I used the Turnpike Starbucks drive-thru yesterday at 6:30pm. Whatever reason they were closing earlier seems to be over now.