Goodland BBQ coming to Goleta

Last year Goleta lost a Woody’s BBQ after decades in business. Reader Kay Lee tells me that a new BBQ restaurant is on its way to Goleta: Goodland BBQ.  The eatery will be replacing Alphie’s at 5725 Hollister Avenue which closed last year after 4 decades in business. Meat offerings include Brisket, Tri-Tip, Chicken, Pulled Pork, Beef Ribs, Pork Ribs, Hot links, and Pork Belly.
They offer 1, 2 and 3 meat combos ($13.95-$22.95), 5 sandwiches (Tri-Tip $9, Pulled Pork $11, Brisket $15, Burnt Ends $12, and Tri-Tip Dip $11), Babyback Ribs ($17-$25), and Beef Ribs (market rate). A variety of sides and a kids menu is also available. Visit

Photo by The Restaurant Guy

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7 Responses to Goodland BBQ coming to Goleta

  1. Hefe says:

    Fair prices. Hope it’s good!

  2. Ted says:

    WWRS? What would Rex say?

    I’m looking forward to trying this out.

  3. Paul Moreno says:

    stoked, menu looks good!

  4. Peter says:

    What a great addition to old town Goleta! Can’t wait for it to receive a well needed cleaning and sprucing up. Hoping to take my date for some giant ribs once they are up and running.

  5. Gary Sudder says:

    Wow. Great hopefully it will be a good East Texan style Q with little to no gravy (“sauce”) that hides the master smoker with variety of woods, pineywoods.

  6. Gerald Bostock says:

    I too first thought of Rex! RIP

    I hope this is good. Whatever it is, I’ll patronize it a few times out of hope.
    Story from Noozhawk (bizhawk article) says “Tommy Ramirez and chef Tony Bones plan to open a Goodland BBQ in Old Town Goleta in February.
    Ramirez also has the family business in his blood. His grandfather was Pascual Gamboa, owner of the popular Pascual’s Mexican Restaurant on Victoria Street in Santa Barbara.”

    Pascual’s grandson?! That’s enough for me! I miss the best pork chops I ever ate, better than my own, pork chop, eggs, beans and tortillas for Sunday brunch with a drink, and Suzie, the best waitress. Good times, good memories.
    I’m 60, and my dad ate there occasionally for lunch when he worked in the Balboa building.

  7. Heidi says: