Bedda Mia to replace Mollie’s

Last month Elaine Andersen Morello, owner of Olio e Limon Ristorante and other local eateries, told me that they were hired to operate a new restaurant at 1218 State Street, the former home of Mollie’s. Morello asked me to share more news with you:

“Here’s a bit more info as we get closer to pre-opening: Again, Elaine & Alberto Morello are employee operators of the new restaurant, not the owners like we are of the Olios. The new restaurant is called Bedda Mia. Although we’ve always had touches of Sicily throughout our menus and specials at the Olios, the cuisine at Bedda Mia is strictly Sicilian, with an emphasis on seafood and fresh produce-based dishes and Sicilian wines. Bedda Mia is Sicilian dialect for Bella Mia and is used by Sicilians as a term of endearment towards, say, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, … but also in reference to Sicily itself. Bedda Mia the restaurant is an ode to our beloved Sicilia. Estimated opening: January 2022.”

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