Timbers Roadhouse retires Whiskey Joe’s, lowers prices

Timbers Roadhouse opened at 10 Winchester Canyon Road in western Goleta last October. The iconic Timbers building was built by Tex Blankenship in 1952 and is now operated by the family behind Woody’s BBQ. Timbers Roadhouse is a steakhouse with a kitchen run by Executive Chef Andrew Crawley who is in his 33rd year in the industry. The new Timbers was launched as two restaurants under one roof: Timbers Roadhouse which is the main dining room and the bar area was named Whiskey Joe’s – until now.

“We like to remain proactive with the needs and concerns of the community that we all share and have lowered our prices and are continuing to improve our menus,” says co-owner Gino Stabile. “Timbers Roadhouse no longer refers to its bar as Whiskey Joe’s. Now the bar area is part of Timbers Roadhouse and offers the same menu as the dining room, which has an updated menu with lower priced options.”

The new dinner menu offer many entrees including 12oz Prime Rib $44, 14oz, Prime New York Steak $46, 8oz Filet Mignon $44, 10oz Prime Flat Iron $38, Bbq Chicken $22, Bbq Baby Back Ribs $28/$34, Confit Duck Leg $38, BBQ Beef Rib $34, Grilled Vegetable Lasagna $26, Crispy Local Catch $34, Grilled Shrimp Skewers $34, Fish & Chips $16, and Pan-Seared Salmon $32.

View the new lunch menu
View the new dinner menu

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17 Responses to Timbers Roadhouse retires Whiskey Joe’s, lowers prices

  1. Christine_Z28 says:

    “FRENCH DIP W/ AU JUS … 22 sliced prime rib on french roll served with **whipped cream horseradish** with fries or salad”

    Hmmm? When I think whipped cream I think frosting or on top of a sweet pie.

  2. Ed Adams says:

    Lmao, lower prices?? Certainly not affordable which the old Timbers had. I guess the guests of the Bacara don’t cross the highway. And I was thinking of trying the Whiskey Bar but….

  3. Fay says:

    I enjoyed the French Dip with “whipped cream horseradish” last week, as well as the Bavarian pretzel at another sitting.

    The bar is comfortable and staff is always welcoming. I personally appreciate that they are listening to their patrons and making adjustments to the menu.

    Hopefully the happy hour menu will see additions and perhaps the hours changed/extended.

  4. Don Lubach says:

    Happy to see that they are listening. When I see the Timbers, I think of the places where my dad grew up in Wisconsin. On Fridays, the whole town fills these places for a fish fry. I think the Timbers has great promise as a dining destination for grandparents, parents, and kids. The Creekside is often packed after little league games, the kids have a blast and the parents visit and have a great time too. I think there’s room for more of this.

    • Christine_Z28 says:

      Great points. Makes me think of Ebar and Spikes 30 years ago. The old Woodys I remember from my childhood had lots of video games— this new spot has so much space it would be fun to have kid-friendly stuff like that, plus pool tables and darts and ping pong and cornhole. Somewhere with a reasonable happy hour. Keep the pretentious $45 steaks off to the side restaurant, but I miss a place I could grab a beer with friends over pool while football was on between bites of potato skins and wings.

  5. Alisa Haley says:

    Sadly, they also need to improve the quality of their food. We have have been twice, ordering six different dishes, and everything was mediocre, at best. It’s a shame, nice space and staff is trying hard, but you have to start with delicious food.

  6. Heidi says:

    I still can’t get past $34 for one ‘giant’ beef rib. Giant is subjective. A picture of it on their Instagram page looks like a normal, single rib. At Woody’s, a half-rack of 4 large beef ribs with two sides was also in the $34 range, but I would rather 4 large ribs, than 1 ‘giant’ rib.

  7. Peter says:

    As for the lowering of the menu prices, I see that the $12.00 pretzel is still the same price as before, among other items.
    Looks like a great place! It ain’t no Arby’s!

  8. gillian says:

    We sat in the main dining room last weekend. I had the open-face steak sandwich and it was good. I would have liked to try the filet mignon, but thought $44 was too pricey, especially not knowing what to expect quality wise.

  9. Gary Sudder says:

    Prices are very high. Likely for LA tourists and other transient folks. 44$ 8oz filet mignon, and an additional tax and tip!?! They’re catering to out of towners and /or trust funders

    • Dude says:

      Well I guess a lot of the local favs are also only catering to LA tourists and trust fund babies. A quick look at some popular menu’s shows that $44 for an 8oz. filet mignon is not that bad.
      If you want $9.99 steak and lobster you need to go to Vegas.

      Holdren’s: 9oz. filet mignon – $49
      Jill’s Place: 8oz. filet mignon – $46
      Tee-Off: USDA Prime Filet Mignon – $44.95
      Harry’s: 1/2 lb. (8oz.) petite filet mignon – $38.95
      Chuck’s: 8oz. filet mignon – $36.99
      Joe’s: 7oz. filet mignon – $34.75

  10. Hefe says:

    Honestly, looks inline with competition.

    Luckys 10 oz is $79, 12 Oz $95 A la carte! But that aged cut might cost wholesale more than retail at an Outback.

    Minimum wage was $8 per hour 6 years ago. Wholesale meat through the roof.

    The successful restaurants set prices from their cost percentages generally.

  11. Gary Sudder says:

    Maybe govt regulation on bloated US’ food’ prices so folks from all walks of life can eat instead of $44 plus tip plus tax on top of that before even a drink. And min wage is not for wait staff. The US empire public subsidizes the US resto business by giving 15-22% “tips” when the owner/management should be paying living wages+benies (health, retirement, vacation etc.) to staff.

  12. Startz says:

    Waitstaff in California are covered by the minimum wage, no?

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