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A few days ago we went to PANDA EXPRESS and it was closed. A sign on door stated that they were short of staff. Then tonight we went to WENDY’S about 6:10 p.m., ordered and were eating inside when an employee came up to us. They said no hurry, but when we leave, close the door behind us, as they were closing, and that just the drive thru would be open. Is this something we have to look forward to, as people do not want to work anymore?
– Miss Blue

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  1. SB & Tahoe says:

    People want to work. They also want to be paid a living wage.

  2. El Guapo says:

    “as people do not want to work anymore?”

    LOL seriously?

  3. reality101 says:

    Why did you publish this?
    It’s not news and seems to be a biased hot take from one person.

  4. Miss Blue says:

    Feel I opened a can of worms, so have to reply.
    Sure, the $15 & $17 per hour, is not a living wage in Santa Barbara, but, it is in other areas, mainly outside of CA.
    Here, these jobs are supplemental person is fortunate enough to have a high salary, & the other person carries part of the load.
    Fast Food establishments have always been the place where high school, college, & people not having the “luck” to qualify for high paying positions work, also people that want to remain active take these jobs.
    Nothing wrong with that, I’d rather be bringing $15, $17 an hour home then no paycheck..

  5. Hefe says:

    People “trapped” in restarant jobs found other ways to make a living. Workers have moved up to better jobs in the industry(tipped).

    Some of the older folks retired.

    Not all of the students have come back from virtual studies.

    SB has lost some of these workers to less expensive places to live.

    Other industries absorbed these workers like construction, warehouse and shipping distribution.

    Personally lost half my staff(in Fitness industry) to Costco and college(living with their parents).

    Funny think is with the forced evaluation and adjustments we are now more profitable than pre pandemic. You can’t be afraid to raise prices and streamline operations.

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