Mollie’s closes

Readers Primetime and Cris tell me that tables and chairs are stacked up, the windows are papered over, and the website is down for Mollie’s at 1218 State Street. The eatery became nationally famous in the early 2000’s after a fan named Oprah fell in love with their meatballs. The restaurant moved from Coast Village Road to State Street in June 2018.

Photos by Primetime

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6 Responses to Mollie’s closes

  1. Cindie says:

    Mollie’s was the BEST! I was there with my daughter and son in law and everything we ate was so delicious! Mollie stopped at our table to introduce herself and what a delight she is!

    I was so looking forward to her opening up again but now knowing she will not I wish her the best with her new journey.❤️
    God Bless You Mollie

  2. RPJ says:

    One of the worst meals I have ever had was at Mollie’s and totally over priced. Ate there once and never went back.

  3. Gary Sudder says:

    yup, overpriced, typical US “celebrity” obsessions, overrated, and not good. Of course they’re gonna say they’re “busy” with lots of “catering” hustling/huckstering….psy ops

  4. Gary Sudder says:

    Also, what’s gonna happen to all those workers ? Will they have jobs with benies? Or are they just discarded like the “news” papers?

  5. Karen says:

    Anyone know what’s going in there? Walked by there the other night and there was a lot of work going on.

  6. JJ says:

    Rumor on the street is the Olio owners are in cahoots to launch a new concept…I guess that $1.2 million RRF Grant created some extra cash flow…funny, Bouchon, next door only got $80k grant? Yes…1 restaurant vs 3…but, the math still doesn’t add up…so, guess the extra cash opens up new opportunities! (or maybe was more than what was lost? SBA has started their audits, so guess wed will see!)

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