Acme Hospitality’s certified “ocean friendly restaurants” celebrate national seafood month

Acme Hospitality has announced that their three local dining restaurants, The Lark, Loquita, and La Paloma Café, have been certified by the Surfrider Foundation as Ocean-Friendly Restaurants. As certified as OFR, they practice a commitment to sustainability at each location, utilizing local catch on their menus in celebration of National Seafood Month in October. Moreover, the restaurants make a dedicated effort to develop menus using bycatch – a fish or other marine species caught unintentionally while fishing for specific species or sizes of wildlife. Acme’s team members partnered with Surfrider Foundation to further demonstrate their support with a massive beach clean-up day on the Santa Barbara coastline earlier this month.

Acme Team Members and Santa Barbara Beach Clean Up Day. Courtesy photo.

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