Beachside Bar-Cafe leased by a Huntington Beach company, to be renamed “SeaLegs”

Reader Primetime tells me that the County Board of Supervisors has leased the recently-closed Beachside Bar-Cafe at 5905 Sandspit Road in Goleta to Prjkt SB, Inc., which is under the umbrella of Prjkt Restaurant Group of Huntington Beach. The eatery will be renamed “SeaLegs.” Prjkt Restaurant Group has multiple seaside restaurants in Southern California and describes themselves as follows:

“The Prjkt Restaurant Group is passionate about creating culinary adventures, unique entertainment opportunities and creating special events that our guests will never forget. We focus on a distinctive vibe of Huntington Beach, while elevating the offerings they enjoy at the Beach. Prjkt Group offers inviting dining experiences and playful interpreations of American claassics – all developed to celebrate California culture and the people who embrace it. You will find Prjkt Group concepts at Bolsa Chica State Beach and Huntington State Beach, most notably the widly popular SeaLegs at the Beach.”

Video:  About Prjkt Restaurant Group

In January 2021 the Community Services Department received a letter from Richhardy Corporation, owners and operators of the Beachside Bar and Café at Goleta Beach County Park, requesting to terminate the almost 36-year old agreement to operate the restaurant. The stated reason for the termination request was, “The County’s COVID-19 restrictions have greatly limited the Beachside Bar and Café’s ability to operate over the past eleven months. As we informed you in a letter on August 26, 2020, due to the County Public Health Officer Orders, our business has declined to a point that we have been operating at a loss. We do not expect to operate anywhere near full capacity anytime in the foreseeable future.” In February 2021, the County Board of Supervisors accepted the request to terminate the Beachside Bar and Café agreement. The lease term between Richhardy Corporation and the County was to expire in March 2022. County acceptance of the request to terminate the agreement in February 2021 allowed the Beachside Bar and Café to close approximately 13 months early. In May 2021 Community Services and Parks staff released a Request for Proposals to operate the vacant Goleta Beach restaurant and Prjkt SB, Inc was awarded the lease on October 19, 2021.

Here is the summary of the concession agreement from County Board of Supervisors:

This item is on the agenda so the Board may consider authorizing the Chair of the Board to execute the Concession Agreement with the Concessionaire and allow Concessionaire to operate, manage, maintain and improve the Goleta Beach Restaurant and walk-up snack bar for a term of ten (10) years, with three options to extend the term for five (5) years per extension. Concessionaire will pay County monthly a Percentage Fee of Ten Percent (10%) of gross sales and Fifteen Percent (15%) of gross alcohol sales, or Eight Thousand Dollars ($8000.00) Monthly Base Fee, whichever is greater for the Restaurant and Snack Bar.  In addition to operating the Restaurant, Concessionaire will have the non-exclusive right to offer food and beverage catering services for special events at Goleta Beach where Concessionaire will pay County a fee of Twelve and one-half Percent (12.5%) of gross sales and Fifteen Percent (15%) of gross alcohol sales per each special event.

The Concessionaire will also have the exclusive right to operate additional food and beverage services at the vacant storage area adjacent to the Restaurant, identified as “Venue” in the Concession Agreement, Exhibit B, under the same Percentage Fee terms as the Restaurant and Snack Bar, or a Monthly Base Fee of Four Thousand Dollars ($4,000), whichever is greater, for the use of the Venue space.  This Venue space was included in the former concession agreement with the Beachside Bar and Grill but was only used for storage. Under this new Concession Agreement, the space will be used for revenue-generating food and beverage service that compliments the Restaurant and Snack Bar.

Additionally, the Concessionaire is proposing to pay the County One Percent (1%) of monthly gross sales to be set aside in an account specifically for Goleta Beach Park maintenance and improvements. The account will be with a financial institution licensed to do business in Santa Barbara County, and the account will be structured so that any withdrawal from the account will require approval in writing from the Director, or designee.  Monies held within the account shall be used for maintenance of common public areas for the mutual benefit of the County and Concessionaire and the benefit of park visitors at Goleta Beach.  County and the Concessionaire shall meet at least annually to develop a plan for expenditures of these funds on maintenance projects.

View the full announcements from the County Board of Supervisors:
1. Board Letter
2. Concession Agreement
3. Notice of Exemption

Beachside Bar-Cafe photos by The Restaurant Guy

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8 Responses to Beachside Bar-Cafe leased by a Huntington Beach company, to be renamed “SeaLegs”

  1. Ed says:

    Looking at their menu what a disappointment.

  2. rambo says:

    SB has a much different market then HB,But who knows it might fit in…They are gone need about 2mil to fix that joint up and get opened, it is run down in and out there.

  3. ahs says:

    I agree with Ed. It looks from pictures of HB Sea Legs that it will appeal to the college kids.

  4. Christine_Z28 says:

    Maybe on paper they think that UCSB nextdoor equals “young party people on a beach”, but if that’s the case, I’m guessing they haven’t actually visited Goleta “beach”… I hope it’s fun and cool, whatever happens, but I’m worried it just won’t fit.

  5. ahs says:

    Just read an article in the Independent that gives me great hope. My daughter knew Joe Dies from UCSB. Now i’m excited.

  6. Janet says:

    I agree with Ed . The menu is very disappointing …. looks like it will appeal to college kids.

  7. Mike Aubrey says:

    Return the whale skull please. I gave it to the county park after bringing it off the beach in 2008. Its for kids to enjoy. It was there since 1900’s. Whale hunters left it. Please redonate it.

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