Dutch Garden update

In July 2020 I wrote that the Dutch Garden restaurant at 4203 State Street, which had just closed the month before after 75 years in business, will reopen in September 2020 under new ownership. Needless to say that didn’t happen but I was told they did get funding. I have visited the eatery periodically to see the progress. I visit the place often because I am told that, when it reopens, there won’t be any notice given to anyone. Even The Restaurant Guy will be in the dark. They will just open the door as if they never closed.

Because Oktoberfest has been on many people’s mind, including that of reader John P. who told me about his longing for the return of his favorite restaurant, I decided pay a visit again this week, The outdoor area has been extensively remodeled and looks ready to go. The dining room with bar stools near the front door of the eatery appears to be  dusty and in a state of suspended animation – looking a lot like it did last year. I am guessing that there is a lot of work still to be done in this area. I saw people coming and going to the kitchen area so things are definitely moving a long, though how long is a good question. Conclusion: the Dutch Garden won’t be opening anytime soon but my fingers are crossed that they can help Santa Barbara ring in the new year.

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